The DODGE CITY OUTLAW DOGS are an NFT, members only outlaw gang.

Most Outlaws come to Dodge city because there’s a whole lot of loot to be made. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re an assortment of misfits, punks,  loners and degens. A band of brothers united by our independence, self-reliance and gravitation towards the frindges of society.

Soon, we’ll be minting 10,000 memberships into our gang - represented by a unique collection of Outlaw Dogs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each outlaw is a one of a kind with his own unique characteristics that unlock specific member privileges.



Word on the street is that there’s a private poker room in the back of the Saloon. This Play-to-earn poker experience is for members only. Outlaws can access the Poker room through our website. Login with your wallet and put some OGD on the table!


There’s 8 safes hidden in Dodge City. And they all contain highly sought after collectibles. This here safe has a Bored Ape.  But here’s the thing….. in order to unlock this loot, you’ll need to team up with other Outlaws.

You see, certain Outlaws have special traits that you’ll need to have. And, if you’re lucky enough to score a Bored ape or another blue-chip NFT, those prizes are fractionalized. So they can be easily split up among your gang.


All Outlaws come with a bounty on their head. That’s the amount Sheriffs can collect for bringing Outlaws to justice. There’s about ninety-six hundred Outlaws in Dodge City and about 400 Sheriffs. If you’re lucky enough to mint a sheriff, you better take care of that badge as it can easily be lost.

Sheriffs badges will airdropped to all Sheriffs and will allow them to challenge Outlaws to No-Limit Texas Hold ‘em Bounty Poker. But the stakes are high and a Sheriff will need to put that badge on the table. 


PLAY TO EARN!  Among the many prizes you may win are collectible NFTs by some of the top artists in the space. Prizes also include blue-chip NFTs and  big stashes of $OGD! 

Form gangs and team up with other Outlaw Dogs!  Plans heists, solve treasure hunts, crack open safes and do battle with other gangs as you compete to take over the wild west!

Every dog has a bounty on his head! Your job is to stay one step ahead of the law or you just might lose your bounty!

Earn your Sheriff’s badge by winning bounty poker and particpate in the bounty hunting. Capture the most wanted Dogs and earn big rewards. Sell your Sheriff's status to other dogs.

Step up to the poker table at the Double Trouble saloon to try your hand poker. Just make sure no one at the table has an ace up their sleeve!

And much much more!






The Saloon is our members only meet up place. This is where outlaws like us can play poker, meet other outlaws and make plans to take over the Wild West. This is a members only club, so to gain access, you’ll have to be signed in with your Metamask wallet.

The Saloon is an unpredictable place where friendships are formed and rivalries are settled. So whenever you’re in the saloon, there’s 3 rules that we all must obey.

Rule # 1. No Cussin
Rule # 2. No Fighting
Rule # 3. No Gunslinging

And although we’re all wanted men by the law, there’s a code in here to help your fellow Outlaw and NEVER give in to the temptation to cash in your bounty.

The OGD Token

Every Outlaw Dog is minted with 1,000 $OGD tokens. This is the offical token of Dodge City and can be used to play games, upgrade your outlaw, Bailey rare NFTs and much more.

Tokens can be earned through poker, bounty hunting,  treasure hunting, safe cracking, and play-to-earn DeFi staking.


Our team knows a little something about the Wild West. We’re a team of 4 outlaws ourselves, dedicated to building a high-value long-term project.

Johnny Knockshots

Crypto Fiend, blockchain addict and leader of the gang.

Joey Two-Phones

Full time Degen. Nothing more.

 Mountainman Moneybags

Off-the-grid smart contract author and moonshiner.

 Randall "The Vandal" McShifty

Real straight shooter with a knack for drawing dogs.