Every Outlaw Has A Story

It Ain't Just About Looks - Our Traits Can Turn the Tide of Your Fortune

These legendary Outlaws, crafted from over 200 unique traits, are your golden ticket to the wild and unpredictable world of Dodge City.

Every Outlaw dons a one-of-a-kind set of traits, giving them a unique blend of skills and abilities sure to give 'em an edge out here in the West. And that ain't all - each Outlaw rides into town with a UNIQUE NAME, a hefty bounty on their head, and a saddlebag loaded with $OGD. It ain't just an NFT, it's your ticket to fortune and infamy.

Every Outlaw Dog you mint is a story waiting to unfold, a journey waiting to begin.


Welcome To The Wild West

As a prospector turned Outlaw, you mine gold, and test your mettle at the poker table, all with the singular aim of staking your claim as the most formidable Outlaw in Dodge City.

Around here, being wanted is a badge of honor, a symbol of the respect you've earned, the power you've accumulated, and the indelible mark you've left on this digital frontier.

Who will become the MOST WANTED?

The Fuel That Powers Dodge City & the Outlaw Dogs Universe


Collecting and Spending: As an Outlaw, you can earn $OGD through various in-game activities and missions, such as playing poker and successfully carrying out bounty hunts. You can spend your hard-earned $OGD to level up your sheriff's badge or on other in-game rewards.

Get ready to play! There's a lot of $OGD bounty rewards to claim.

Holders of an Ethereum Outlaw Dog are in for a treat. We'll be releasing a companion NFT on the Casper blockchain, unlocking greater benefits and supercharging your user experience with Casper's future-proof blockchain and cutting edge CEP-78 NFT standard allowing for never before mechanics in a Web3 game.

Because we’re committed to building the most bad-ass Web3 experience, our gaming ecosystem and $OGD token are going to be built on the Casper blockchain.

Casper’s web3 protocol will allow us to push the boundaries of digital ownership as we forge a bold path into uncharted territory.

This ain’t your grandfather’s metaverse.